Comprehensive Sleep Care Center (CSCC) is one of Washington, D.C. metropolitan area’s most experienced medical practices for diagnosing and treating the many causes of sleep disorders in both children and adults. Unlike many sleep clinics, Comprehensive Sleep Care Center is devoted entirely to sleep medicine, ensuring that our doctors focus on the issues that matter most to our patients. Each of our physicians is board-certified in sleep medicine and have devoted their entire practice to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. They are experts at what they do, with extensive knowledge and experience in the very latest in sleep medicine. Our patients have consistently expressed high satisfaction with our doctors and have ranked the overall quality of our services as excellent through our internal surveys.
As an important partner in your health, our physicians work to uncover the answers you and your referring physician needs to ensure your best possible care and sleep health. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of comfort, expertise, and professionalism throughout your care.