Referring a Patient for a Sleep Consultation


Looking for a comprehensive, all under one umbrella approach to your patient’s sleep health care – from consultation to diagnosis to treatment and DME, including oral appliances for all of your sleep referrals?

Comprehensive Sleep Care Center is here to support your practice.

We are a dedicated sleep health practice with nine convenient full-service sleep health centers located in the Northern Virginia and Maryland area. Our centers are staffed by our team of board-certified sleep medicine specialists whose sole practice is focused on diagnosing and managing your patient’s sleep needs to enhance their lives and overall health.
Quick and Easy Referral of your Patients Process
The Steps:

  • We provide you with an easy to use REFERRAL FORM
  • Please complete the referral form, include the patient’s demographics, patient’s insurance information and fax to 703.729.3422. Please provide the best contact number (cell phone number) for your patient.
  • Our scheduling team will call the patient to schedule a sleep consultation with our physicians. If needed, we will get patients in for an overnight study.
  • After the sleep study is completed, our sleep medicine physician interprets the study and prepares a report which will include the data and recommendations. The report is usually completed within  72 hours, and the report is faxed to you.
  • We will then schedule the patient for a follow-up appointment with our sleep specialists to go over the sleep study results and treatment recommendations.

Thank you for the pleasure and opportunity to partner with you in your patient’s healthcare. For more information, or to schedule an appointment:
Please call us at 703.729.3420


The STOP-Bang Questionnaire : Answer these Eight questions by yes or no

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Helping your patients sleep better

  • If your patients report sleep complaints, assess for obstructive sleep apnea (STOP-Bang) or other sleep disorders
  • Explain that sleep in combination with moderate physical activity may promote remission and help prevent relapse
  • Keep CSCC brochures and forms in your office to help foster awareness of sleep disorders in your patients
  • If your patient screens positive for OSA and has a supportive clinical history, please refer them to Comprehensive Sleep Care Center for an evaluation

The Smart Choice for your patients

A one-stop sleep health shop = win/win for your patients

  • A seamless process from diagnosis to therapy for you and your patient referrals
  • A sleep medicine practice solely focused on sleep medicine
  • Pre-certification services of your patient’s insurance provided by our billing specialists
  • Collaborative partnership and multidisciplinary approach with our referring providers and their patients
  • An individualized, tailored treatment plan for the entire spectrum of sleep health management
  • Full service sleep health practice providing DME, including our onsite team of dentists for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea by oral appliance therapy. Insurance billed directly on the behalf of your patient
  • Ongoing patient education, long term support and compliance monitoring of CPAP therapy to enhance patient outcomes
  • Home Sleep study program available
  • Quick turnaround on results and updated follow up notes provided