Comprehensive Sleep Care Center with nine locations in Virginia and Maryland are experts in diagnosing and treating the many causes of sleep disorders in both children and adults.

Sleep disorders and sleep apnea can have more than one cause, so we offer more than one treatment. Our board-certified sleep medicine specialists use their vast experience, the latest research and technology, and advances in clinically proven sleep medicine to support your health and well-being. Our wide range of treatment options means you’ll find the treatment, or combination of treatments, that work for you. We are devoted entirely to sleep medicine, from diagnostic sleep studies, to treatment options like CPAP and Oral Appliance Therapy. We have nine convenient locations in – Alexandria, Arlington, N. Bethesda, Chantilly, Dumfries, Germantown, Lansdowne, Manassas, and Woodbridge.

This sleep quiz is an important tool designed to both quickly and easily determine if a sleep disorder may possibly be present or be a factor in your overall health and well-being.

The taking of this test and the results obtained in no way substitutes for a medical assessment or diagnostic procedure. Please begin by checking the box to any of the statements that apply to you in the form of your choice below.

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