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Dr. Charu Sabharwal appearing on Great Day Washington discussing tips for traveling if you suffer from sleep apnea and new alternatives beyond the CPAP mask such as the ApneaGuard.

Dr. Charu Sabharwal is interviewed by ANewMe.org to discuss the latest advancements in treating sleep disorders such as Circadian Rhythm Disorders, Insomnia, and Sleep Apnea.

When we hear our patients say, ‘They feel like they got their life back,’ and wish they had come in sooner, it is music to our souls and ears as physicians and healthcare providers!

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of comfort, expertise and professionalism throughout our patients care, and we are so thankful to be a part of their healthcare team! Our goal is to be right there with you before, during and after, and helping you to be a healthier and happier you.

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I was recommended this place by a colleague so I gave it a whirl! I went here a few weeks ago and received awesome service from the CPAP- medical equipment people (not sure if that is their title!). But, wow! They were so informative and knowledgeable. They thoroughly explained how to use my CPAP machine and made it so easy and streamlined for me along with outstanding patient care. If the CPAP people are reading this, you guys are awesome and thank you so much! Thumbs up, ya’ll! A.Y.

They are awesome!!! Very concerned and passionate about all the clients. They help you through the processes and help you feel comfortable! Thank you everyone there! You’re all awesome A.A.

The Comprehensive Sleep Care, Chantilly, VA has been excellent for me. The entire staff goes above and beyond the norm. To me the star of the facility is Sajad. Sajad is a real people person, easy to work with and has a genuine concern for the patients and how they are working and adapting to their equipment. I have nothing but good things to say about the Comprehensive Sleep Care, Chantilly, VA. J.B.

I was extremely pleased with the concern and care provided by a Lisbeth Martinez at the Woodbridge location. I was having comfort issues with a few of the full face masks that were provided. She took my concerns seriously and was very helpful. She provided me a new mask that has been absolutely wonderful. I never felt like a number and she never felt like I was a bother to her. I truly appreciate the service she rendered and am thankful individuals like Lisbeth exist in providing care to people like me. I hope I don’t cause her extra work by my review but I believe it should be known that if I need help from a sleep specialist, I’m going to see Lisbeth. Thank you. G.Z.

These are very up to date competent sleep physicians. I refer scores of patients if not hundreds every year. I have my own immediately family treated by them. I have used many different sleep physicians and I find them superior in knowledge of their field. I highly recommend them highly. LDS

Dr. Zhao’s practice is a hidden gem! I have suffered from insomnia for 3-4 years, been prescribed all the habit-forming sleeping pills, gotten off of those sleeping pills, but couldn’t sleep still. I then saw Dr. Zhao–he asked very informed questions on the first visit and then very patiently listened to me explain how frustrating it had been, etc.–was very sympathetic and encouraging, explained how sleep cycles worked, etc. His treatment for my condition was based in cognitive behavior therapy, it focused a lot on getting into a routine, relaxation/stress management strategies, etc. This helped me tremendously; I went from sleeping 3-4 hours/night to 6-8. The staff at comprehensive sleep care center were very warm, friendly, and professional. I can’t say enough good things about this practice. Zoc Doc user

I had my first appointment with Dr. Zhao yesterday for my problems with insomnia that I have had since I was a child. I made the appointment online and was able to see him within a day. There was no wait time and the staff were very friendly. Dr. Zhao was extremely knowledgeable about sleep disorders and possible causes of my insomnia. He was very open to trying new medicines and/or new ways to help calm down before bedtime and also pointed out that there were most likely multiple reasons why I have always had such trouble sleeping (a small airway, anxiety, etc.) So far, he is the only doctor I have seen has given me hope for maybe getting a full night sleep finally after years of sleeping 2-4 hrs a night. If you have a sleep issue, I would definitely recommend him.

I have seen Dr Sabharwal for a little over a year now. She is the best sleep Doctor I have been to; very professional, knowledgable, current on new procedures, and takes the time to listen to me. Highly recommend this Doctor. J.H.

My son had trouble sleeping. After meeting with his primary doctor I was referred for a consultation with Dr Sabharwal. Everyone I spoke to was very pleasant. I asked if they could verify my benefits and I was called a few hours later and explained our exact coverage. My son really liked Dr S. We had a sleep study the room was very clean. They had the room decorated like a child’s room. I was a little apprehensive at first seeing him hooked up to wires, I could tell Lucas was too. Yolly, the night technician, made my son and I feel comfortable by saying things like “alright it’s time to get you hooked up in your space suit”. I strongly recommend this place for anyone who has trouble sleeping or not sleeping. A couple of my friends are scheduled to go in as well

Dr. Rotolo sat with me and asked questions to better understand why I was in his office. He let me know what to expect in the process and explained to me all the options. He made sure that I understood all the options and the limitations that my insurance may give me as well.

Dr. Rotolo and the entire staff at the Comprehensive Sleep Care Center have been wonderful. The doctor answered all of my questions and I never felt rushed. I’ve done two sleep studies and the technicians were kind and the facilities were comfortable. It’s not fun to have a bunch of electrodes hooked up to you while you’re sleeping but it could have been much worse. It’s set up like a bedroom and doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping in a lab. A benefit I didn’t know before I started this is that the Sleep Center supplies their medical equipment in house. So many people on cpaptalk.com have bad stories about medical equipment suppliers who give poor advice and try to provide the cheapest machines they can. When Dr. Rotolo wanted me to have a different machine he just had to walk over to the next room and tell the technician. I did my research and went in prepared to have to ask or even fight for what I wanted but that wasn’t necessary. They gave me the best equipment on the market. A very good experience. D.G.

Dr. Shahzeidi was very thorough, friendly, and helpful in diagnosing my 21 month old daughter with a behavioral sleep problem. He took time to listen and properly understand our problem instead of ordering unnecessary tests. He gave me specific instructions to follow and wants to see us again to make sure things are getting better.

Dr. Shahzeidi was very thorough, and really seemed to care about my son and his sleeping problems.

Dr. Shahzeidi and his staff were some of the most caring medical professionals that I have ever encountered. I would highly recommend them, especially to anyone with respiratory or sleep disorders. He has helped me tremendously!

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