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Your sleep will be monitored throughout the night by our sleep technologist to obtain a polysomnogram – which means different aspects of your sleep patterns, not just sleep interruptions, but also important physiologic parameters including the amount of airflow during breathing, the amount of oxygen in your blood, heart rate, brain waves, eye and leg movements, and sleep stages and cycles.

For your sleep study, you will spend the night in a private bedroom at one of our sleep centers.

While sleep studies are pain-free and noninvasive. Some patients may feel uncomfortable during a sleep study when sensors are placed on the patient for monitoring during the sleep test, but we find our patients typically settle in pretty quickly. Our sleep center is safe and conducive to sleep. It is dark, quiet, and pleasing with a controlled, comfortable temperature. You will have your own private bedroom and nearby bathroom while undergoing your sleep study. We have a flat screen TV in each bedroom, and free WiFi for your iPad, computer or tablet.

A specially trained technologist will conduct the sleep test evaluation. After you are dressed for your sleep test, the technologist will apply approximately 15 sensors to your scalp and skin – a special adhesive is used that washes out very easily. Two belt sensors will be placed around your chest and abdomen to monitor breathing effort. Two small airflow sensors will be placed beneath your nose and a sensor will be placed on your neck to monitor snoring. Once in bed, the technologist will apply an oxygen sensor to your finger to determine your individual sleep problems.

The wires attached to the monitors are plugged into a box that is then plugged into a cable by your headboard. The technologist will monitor your sleep test from another room. If you should need to get out of bed during the night to use the bathroom, our technologist will assist you by disconnecting the cable.

An overnight sleep test will last a minimum of 6 hours, ending no later than 6:00 AM. Overnight sleep studies are the “gold standard” used for accurately diagnosing sleep disorders. Overnight studies are necessary in part because sleep patterns may vary throughout the night. In addition, overnight studies are important for detecting more subtle symptoms.

If a daytime nap study is requested, it follows the overnight sleep study and ends approximately 10 hours after you awaken (usually between 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM).

Yes, we simply monitor your brain and muscle activity, sleeping position, and breathing while you are sleeping. There are no needles, drugs or other invasive procedures. Our compassionate, and experienced, well-trained sleep technologists will monitor your sleep via a small camera and computer from a nearby room.

Yes, as it’s best to perform the sleep study during your normal sleep time.

Yes, please do as we want you to be comfortable during your study.

If you think you may have trouble falling asleep, you can ask your physician to prescribe a sleep aid. This medicine will not affect the sleep study. However, if you have not taken any of these medicines before, you may want to arrange for someone to pick you up in the morning.

Generally, you can do anything you normally do on the day of your sleep study. You should eat your evening meal before coming in, and also take a shower and shave (body oils can make it difficult to place the sensors in their proper position).

Below are some things you should NOT do the day of your study:

  • Take a nap
  • Consume any caffeine after noon
  • Use lotions or hair treatments after your shower and before coming to the lab
  • Consume any alcohol

Yes, please bring the following items with you:

  • Any medication you might need during the night including any sleep aids if your physician prescribed them to you for the sleep study
  • Toiletries and a hair dryer if you plan to shower (your hair will likely be messy because of the water-soluble paste we use in the study)
  • Loose fitting pajamas, sweats, or shorts
  • Your insurance card
  • If you are on CPAP already, please bring your mask

We feel it is important to keep you on your normal sleep schedule. When scheduling your appointment, we ask that you arrive between 9:00 and 9:45 p.m., or if your child is having a sleep study, we ask that you arrive at 8:30 p.m. If you work 3rd shift, we will schedule you during the day.

We typically would like at least 6 hours sleep time. Most patients go to sleep about 10 pm and awake we start waking you up between 5 and 5:30 am. We encourage you to keep a normal sleep schedule. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes after you wake up to remove the sensors and fill out a short questionnaire. We have private showers available for your convenience.

Depending on what your physician orders or if during your consult our physician felt a split study would be the best diagnostic tool, you may get a full night or split night study. If a physician has ordered a split night study and sleep apneas are detected, then you may receive CPAP therapy as part of the sleep study.

Adults, children, and teens may all be affected by sleep disorders. Our Arlington and Lansdown locations have pediatric themed rooms but all locations can accommodate a child. We have comfortable recliners where a parent or guardian can accompany their child and spend the night. Parents are not allowed to sleep in the same bed with the child during testing. We use the latest in technology for children and we do additional monitoring as well. You and your child are welcome to tour the lab before the scheduled sleep study.

Your sleep study will be scored by Registered Sleep Technologists, then it will be interpreted by our board-certified Sleep Physician. It usually takes 3-4 business days to get the results back and depending on your referral order, either we will schedule you for a follow-up visit or you will return to your physician for the results and treatment recommendations.

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