Win your big sleep apnea battle with this tiny device

Dr-Nicholas-PapageorgiouAs a dentist at the Comprehensive Sleep Care Center, you may be surprised to know that finding solutions to sleep issues is a big part of my job. And for me, solving the problem of sleep apnea is personal, too. You see, I have family members who suffer from sleep apnea, so I know the havoc it may create in someone’s life. So I’m passionate about educating and treating others who suffer from sleep apnea.


ApneaGuard Oral ApplianceIf you snore loudly, sleep with your mouth open, grind your teeth or feel tired during the day you might have sleep apnea. You’ll be happy to know that the condition is very easy to diagnose, and easy to treat with our ApneaGuard℠ oral appliance service. I’m proud to say that me and the entire sleep dream team have seen many people regain a great night’s sleep and improve their overall health.

I always find it interesting that few people are aware of the immense health problems that sleep apnea can create for them. In fact, did you know that among the issues associated with sleep apnea are:

  • strokes
  • heart failure
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart attacks
  • early Alzheimer’s disease
  • depression
  • and mental fogginess

As a dentist, I am often the first medical professional to detect airway obstructions in your throat. If sleep apnea is suspected, I may recommend that you be sent to CSCC for a sleep study. During the non-invasive study, the team will monitor your breathing, heart, brain waves, oxygen levels and the number of times you wake up. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained sleep physicians will then use the data to determine whether or not you may have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder.

If you’re diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, I may fit you with a custom oral appliance you can wear while you sleep. The device, called ApneaGuard℠, is much like a retainer that moves your lower jaw a bit to keep your airway open. You will then be able to breathe easier and snore less. Oral appliances like ApneaGuard℠ are clinically proven to be effective in treating sleep apnea.

Here are some other benefits of ApneaGuard℠:

  • it’s more comfortable than a CPAP machine
  • it’s silent
  • it’s almost invisible
  • it’s easily portable — just slip it into your bag and there will be no extra time through security at the airport
  • you can talk while wearing it
  • you can drink a beverage while wearing it

Why choose Comprehensive Sleep Care Center and our team of dentists?
We are the only full service, upscale, boutique-like sleep health center in the D.C. metro area with four physicians and three dentists who are very experienced in treating sleep apnea. Our team is dedicated to improving your sleep and overall well-being.

If you’re newly diagnosed with more severe sleep apnea, our doctors can provide a full selection of CPAP machines and supplies. If you have tried CPAP but can’t tolerate it, then they can help fit you with an oral appliance through our ApneaGuard℠ service. It may just be the greatest thing for your sleep – and possibly your bedmate’s sleep, too!

Our dentists are part of our medical center, so we can bill your medical insurance directly for your oral appliance unlike dental offices. Due to this set-up, we might save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.

For more information, please go to To schedule a free phone consult, please send an email to or call us at 703-729-3420, extension 205.

Nicholas Papageorgiou, DDS is one of Comprehensive Sleep Care Center’s dentists dedicated to treating sleep apnea. He has extensive knowledge about dental implants, laser dentistry, airflow obstruction, Invisalign, lumineers, anterior aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry.